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AirServ Mechanical Group, understands that your heating system is not just something you depend on for comfort during the cold winter months.  But something that you need to keep your family, home, and pets safe too. Considering how cold winters get in the New Jersey, not having heat or trying to use an improperly functioning heating system can be dangerous. This is why, we provide emergency heating repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our heating technicians have experience fixing all brands, makes, and models of heating systems.



If your furnace has completely stopped working, then you’ll want to have your old broken-down furnace repaired or replaced immediately. The last thing you want to do is spend any amount of time in your home without heat—especially during those frigid Northern New Jersey winters!



The pilot light of your gas furnace should be burning blue. If it’s burning yellow, then there’s a combustion problem with the heater.  That could be causing it to produce an excessive (dangerous) amount of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly gas when there’s too much of it, so make sure to contact us now for emergency heating repairs.  Don’t wait this is an immediate repair.  Don’t sleep on it as it could be life threatening.  We read every year of homeowners and carbon monoxide poisoning.



If the furnace is making loud and strange sounds while it’s operating, such as banging or moaning sounds, then there’s a chance that there is something loose, a belt perhaps, an ignition problem, or another important heater component that might be ready to fail. You don’t want to wait too long to have it serviced, because your heating system could end up failing at any moment, leaving your home without heat.



I Called AirServ after dealing with 3 other companies that were trying to overcharge me or tell me that I need to replace my HVAC unit. AirSev came diagnosed my unit in minutes and gave me a fair price, I’m very happy with their services and will only be calling them in the future.
~ Thair Jabbar




If you’re turning up the thermostat, but it isn’t having any effect.  There could be a number of HVAC problems at hand. The thermostat may be faulty and may need to be replaced. Or you may have an issue with your pilot light, or other electronic component, like a circuit board.

AirServ Mechanical Groups, will send out an emergency heating technician. We will come to inspect your heating system to identify what the problem is and fix it ASAP.

All of our technicians have had a background check for your safety as well as being drug screened.  We are the HVAC contractor you want in your home.



If you’re having problems keeping the furnace running and/or even getting it started, then you either need to have the thermostat replaced or have repairs done. We may also need to fix a faulty fan motor, pilot light, fuses or wiring.


Sam was able to quickly solve my issue and do the necessary checks to make sure my system was running in good shape. ~ Joseph Rosales

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AirServ Mechanical Group is a leading and referred residential & commercial HVAC repair and replacement contractor in New Jersey.  We have 3 locations to serve you from, for fast, dependable service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We dispatch from these locations.


We services homes and commercial properties in nine counties in northern New Jersey.


If you are experiencing any of these signs, give AirServ Mechanical Group, a call ASAP so that we can service your heating system. We will send a professional technician to your home in order to troubleshoot the heating issue and to make any necessary repairs.  You won’t be without heat for long. We can repair oil heaters, electric furnaces, gas furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and service all HVAC brands.

Call now, and we will get your heater back up and running before the pipes, pets or family freeze.

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