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24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning in New Jersey

24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning Service Repair

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Emergency drain line accidents require the expertise of a professional to be fixed accordingly. With over 50 years of experience in the field, our qualified staff at AirServ Mechanical Group is the best option. As an family owned and owner-operated company, we pride ourselves on offering excellent services and fostering trust with our customers by ensuring that the team you call will be the same one to assist you.

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We are proud to be a local company and support our customers across North New Jersey, Central New Jersey and beyond. Call (201)720-6000 , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for all emergency drain service in New Jersey.

Warning Signs of a Drain Line Problems

Emergency accidents are often the result of a problem that festers in the drain pipelines over time. The causes of these accidents can vary, but we can often pinpoint the problem to any number of factors, including:


Clogs are the formations of organic materials and can be comprised of many different substances that are flushed down the drains, including hair, soap, grease, food, waste, and balls of tree roots. The result of a tightly packed clog in the drains can lead to backups and flooding from the sinks and tubs as well as foul, pungent odors permeating your home.

Clogged Toilet:

The toilet is one of the most under-rated, yet chief commodities that we simply all take for granted. It’s just always supposed to work. In the event you have a constantly running toilet, numerous toilet clogs, overflows, bursts, or low flushing power, then the chief difficulty could possibly be larger than you can manage.

Plugged Toilet:

Realistically, the toilet is probably the most under-rated, and yet most important commodities in our homes. And we all take it for granted. Until it stops working. Do you have a continuously running toilet? Frequent clogs, overflows, or leaks?If that’s the case than the situation could be too big to do alone.

Blocked Drain:

When it’s a minor one, a blocked drain is an annoyance. But, when it’s severe and can’t be undone a blocked drain can quickly escalate into an emergency situation. Especially if the clog is causing wastewater to back up and sewage to flood your yard or your home. A few reasons that a drain might get blocked up are overflowing downspouts, a failure in your sump pump, and tree roots that have grown directly into your drainage system.

Burst Pipes:

Burst pipelines can be caused by the drains freezing during the winter months or by the pressure caused by tree roots and dense clogs inside of the pipes. Tree roots can travel up to twenty feet in search of nutrients and may pierce a piping system during this search. The tree branch may then cause a clog in the pipe, causing materials to leak into the ground and possibly contaminate the water table. This can be dangerous and bad for the environment if not addressed immediately. A burst pipeline often leads to flooding or major water damage in the walls, floors, or basement on your property.

How We Fix Emergency Drain Lines Situations in New Jersey

Our emergency plumbers arrive promptly after a phone call has been made. If your home is flooding prior to our arrival, we recommend placing towels on the floor to soak up the excess water and prevent the walls from experiencing extensive water damage. Upon our arrival, we will conduct an inspection with the finest, state-of-the-art equipment and cameras.


Our LED cameras and leak detection equipment will expose the exact source of the problem and ensure that we have all of the information we need to effectively fix it. Besides, we will be able to determine what problems may occur in the future.


Once we identify the problem, we will communicate the results of our inspections to our customers. This ensures that we don’t make any decisions without your approval while keeping you informed of the situation at hand. We always strive to save you time and money, and we do this through our transparency and efficiency. You will have the peace of mind that our licensed and insured career plumbers will know exactly what to look for and that they will always give you the personalized service you need.


If the problem extends to simply removing a clog, we will deploy our sewer snaking equipment to quickly and efficiently get the job done. These tools allow us to snag clogs and pull them out of the pipelines. Our technicians are carefully trained to use these tools effectively in order to avoid puncturing the inside of the pipe.

(Note: We don’t use chemical cleaners as it can harm your pipelines and your health as well.)

Don’t Let Clogged Drains Annoy You Anymore! Get Them Fixed Now!

Our services are fast and reliable, ensuring that your emergency situation is resolved quickly.

How to Prevent Emergency Drain Line Problems

AirServ Mechanical Group aims to provide fast yet satisfactory services to the customers. We not only provide immediate drain fix, but also educate our customers to prevent such problems in future.

We also keep the things transparent to you. For example, you will be made aware at each step about the state of our work.

Schedule Our Annual Drain Cleaning Today!!!

Scheduling an annual drain cleaning will prevent emergency drain cleaning and will remove any debris buildup in the system, causing the drains to be more efficient, last longer, and serve you better.

Call AirServ Mechanical Group For Fast Emergency Drain Cleaning Service.

At AirServ Mechanical Group, we are the best at what we do. We will not only fix whatever problem you have the very first time with an individualized solution, but we will also serve as a preventative measure by removing any debris that may cause clogs in the future. We are always professional and will treat your property like it is our own with the highest cleanliness standards. Because our customers are always our highest priority, we are dedicated to bringing you the least stress at the highest value and will always offer reasonable rates.

Call AirServ Mechanical Group 201-720-6000 today for the best drain service in the industry!

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