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24/7 Emergency Sewer line clog Service

24/7 Emergency Sewer line clog Service Repair

AirServ Mechanical Group offers reliable and timely emergency clog removal services for both residential and commercial buildings. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our team is ready to assist all of our customers across the community.

Call (201)720-6000 to Get Your Sewer Line Unclogged Now!

We take pride in having the best service at the most competitive rates and we do this through our transparency and honesty in our work.

Signs That Your Sewer Lines are Clogged…

  • Odors permeating the home and originate at the drain
  • Flooding in the basement, kitchen, or bathrooms
  • Sewage backups in the sinks and tubs
  • Water in the sinks and bathtubs draining slowly


  • The choked flow of wastewater may cause the pipes to burst as a result of the strain and pressure placed on the system.
  • Raw sewage, wastewater, and other unsanitary materials may back up into the yard or lawn.
  • Encountering wastewater can contaminate the environment and lead to several health problems.
  • Foul Odors.
  • Clogged drains will make the passing of water slower than usual.
  • Diverted water can leak into walls and floors, causing warping or water stains. Even worse, it can lead to flooding.
  • Many things like tree roots can grow their way to your pipes, leading to even bigger damages and clogs.

How We Fix Emergency Sewer Pipeline Problems

Don’t leave sewer lines untreated. Instead, call our emergency sewer unclogging services right away. We have preliminary steps that we take to prevent further property damage.

  • Turning off the water services to avoid placing more strain on the pipeline system
  • Setting down old towels to soak up the excess water
  • Evacuating the vicinity of the leak or accident for safety

Once we are done with these steps, we carry out the cleaning and restorative processes.

How We Clean the Sewer Lines and Remove Clogs

Every problem is different and at AirServ Mechanical Group, we believe you deserve a personalized solution.

We use a sewer camera to detect both existing and potential problems in your clogged pipelines. You will be able to rest in the fact that our licensed and insured plumbing professionals know exactly what they are doing and will always find the perfect solution for you.

We don’t use chemical cleaner solutions of any kind as it can harm the pipes and health as well. Chemical cleaners burn and irritate the lungs and skin and add to the degradation of your piping system. Chemicals break down the pipe, making it easier for it to crack, break, and require repairs.

We Use Hydro Jetting System for a Super Sewerage Cleaning

Instead, we use hydro jetting system. It cleans sewer lines and removes all clogs and debris. It is very versatile and does not require any digging. Using a highly pressurized stream of water, any clogs or sludge that may cause a clog in the future is blasted out of the system. This is the best solution since it acts as both an effective way to remove even the toughest clogs and it also is preventative. Your pipes will be serving you and working better for longer since any build up that could cause a clog in the near future will be removed. Hydro jetting is a longer-term fix that will not harm your pipes. Our technicians go above and beyond and will not only fix your immediate problem but also inspect your pipes to see what is causing the clog. The next step would be to fix your issue which includes hydro jetting or cleaning out debris, dirt and tree roots. Our professionals may also suggest the annual or monthly drain maintenance service to prevent further buildup or clogging in the pipes.

Beyond Cleaning, We Prevent Potential Problems in Your Sewer Line

Our systems not only get rid of the clog and any other problem, but also allow us to inspect your pipes for any bigger problems that may be going on. Scheduling an annual drain cleaning will encourage effective maintenance practices and ensure that your sewer pipelines are more efficient, last longer, and discourage major accidents and emergencies from occurring again in the near future.

With AirServ Mechanical Group, sewer pipe cleaning is the best preventative measure and will make sure your system is working well all of the time.

Why AirServ to Fix Emergency Sewer Pipe Accidents in New Jersey

  • Using Innovative Technique like Hydro Jetting System
  • Certified and Licensed Technicians
  • Using the Highest Quality Equipment like LED Cameras to Inspect the Problems
  • Personalized Solutions
  • Available 24/7
  • Full Service Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services
  • Over 50 Years’ Experience
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Call AirServ Mechanical Group’s Plumbing experts to Fix Emergency Sewer Line Clogs in New Jersey

If you notice slow drainage or any other signs of a clogged drain, call right away. The sooner you can catch it the less likely you are to be caught with burst pipes or some sort of emergency. We are always professional and will treat your property like it is our own with the highest cleanliness standards.

Because our customers are our highest priority as our customer, we are dedicated to bringing you the least stress at the highest value and will always offer reasonable rates.

Call AirServ Mechanical Group 201-720-6000 today for the best Sewer Line Clog services in the industry!

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