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Technician Training Program

At AirServ Mechanical Group, when we say that our technicians are the best in the industry, we say it with confidence.

In-House Training Program

AirServ Mechanical Group is well known in New Jersey and The Tri-State Area for our 100% satisfaction guarantee and commitment to customer service, but there are many other ways we go above and beyond to meet our customer’s needs. One of which is our in-house training program offering homeowners a true advantage when they choose AirServ Mechanical Group.

Best Technicians in the Industry

At AirServ Mechanical Group, when we say that our technicians are the best in the industry, we say it with confidence. By the time our technicians enter a customer’s home, they have already undergone months of rigorous testing and training on top of the years of schooling they received to be qualified for the position.

This combination of classroom, shop, and field training allows us to quickly identify those individuals with a strong work ethic and mold them into industry leading professionals.

We settle for nothing less than the best—because that is what you expect from us.

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Practical Skills Training — Held to a Higher Standard

Although newly hired technicians have already undergone two years of technical school, AirServ Mechanical Group must ensure that their abilities are on par with our high standards. This involves over a year of additional hands-on and classroom training to evaluate their skill set.

  • Shadowing: After completing the first phase of training, our newly hired installation technicians shadow an expert Lead Installer as a Helper for at least one year.
  • Lead Training Program: After a year of shadowing, the best Helpers are selected for the Lead Installer Training Program which consists of 6 weeks of full time participation in the classroom and training facility.
  • Field Test and Written Test: Using a dual-pronged approach, we require a technician to pass both written and field testing to ensure our employees have learned the material and can put this knowledge to work.
  • Training Facility: We have invested in the success of our technicians and built an in-house training facility. This facility is used to recreate real life situations an install technician will encounter.
  • Classroom Instruction: Through lectures on everything from the latest HVAC technology to code requirements, our technicians become fully equipped to properly install heating and cooling systems in our customers’ homes.
  • A Resource: At any time, a technician can request to be re-enrolled in the program to refresh and sharpen their skills.
  • Technology: AirServ Mechanical Group is bringing the HVAC industry into the 21st century. We supply our technicians smart phones, GPS, and tablets to fully utilize the cutting edge technology available.

The AirServ Mechanical Group Technician Training Program — Going Above and Beyond

A positive demeanor and effective communication are essential to creating long-standing relationships no matter what service is being provided.


This program contains three modules each consisting of three half-day classes totaling nine classes over a one year span.

Role-Play Focus

We recreate common service call scenarios and ask our technicians to explain the issue without the technical jargon. This provides our customers all the important information in a way they can understand. In addition, our technicians receive real-world practice and a chance to immediately use, reinforce, and perfect the knowledge and skills they have just been taught.

Training Center

Our warehouse is equipped with a complete training center with over thirty different pieces of equipment installed, allowing us to train on every type of installation we could encounter in a customer’s home. In this training facility, we can create real HVAC repair scenarios to prepare our technicians for almost any situation imaginable.

Written Tests

All technicians must successfully complete this course and pass a written test. If a technician does not pass, we look for areas of weakness and hone in on them while they retake the module. We want each and every technician to be successful, and this training, though challenging, prepares our technicians for a great future with our company.

Continuing Education

Each technician regularly completes a continuing education course in order to refresh their existing skills and inform them of any improvements to our process. As our customers’ needs evolve, our training adapts alongside it. In this ever-changing industry, we keep our technicians on top of their game and ready to meet any customer need that may arise.

Background Checks

Each employee hired by AirServ Mechanical Group must first undergo a thorough background check, drive screening, and drug screening to ensure that the technician entering your home is an honest, upstanding individual

Sales, Service, and Installation; We Do It All!

AirServ will get the job done right the first time. We wear shoe covers, get the job done, and clean up behind ourselves.

We want to make it affordable and easy to have your HVAC equipment serviced or repaired. Should you need a new system installation, we’ll work with you to stay within your budget.

Our knowledgeable staff at AirServ Mechanical Group is ready with the latest information about programs that you can take advantage of to save you money on new heating, cooling and indoor air quality for your home.

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