24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service in New Jersey

Enduring New Jersey’s scorching summers is no fun, and that’s too without an A/C. What if your Air Conditioning breaks in the middle of summer? Or you step into your house just to find out that your A/C is not working. Top of that, the technician you call takes days or longer to get to your house or deny to come at odd hours. It just adds to your annoyance.

Don’t worry! 24/7 emergency A/C repairs services by AirServ are available at your call.


We offer fast, most reliable 24/7 A/C repair service  in the tri-state area. No matter the day, no matter even its midnight, our professionals will be right there to fix the problem

Need A/C Repair Now? We are Available 24/7

And we cover components and complete systems for all major makes and models. We will save you time and money by doing the job the right way, the first time. Don’t settle for grumpy technicians, bad service or slow repairs.

DIAL (201)720-6000 TO Get Rid of These Common A/C Emergencies

  • Complete A/C failure.
    A New Jersey summer day can be well over 100 degrees. Those kinds of hot temperatures can put anyone at risk. Stay hydrated and we will get a technical specialist to your home immediately.
  • Little or no A/C with seniors in the house.
    The Elderly are particularly susceptible to hot temperatures, and cannot handle the strain as easily as younger people. If you or your older parent or loved one cannot keep the house cool, it’s an emergency.
  • Any sign of sparks or fire:
    If you see smoke coming from your A/C unit or any sign of burning, turn it off immediately and call an expert.
  • Burning Smell from A/C Unit:
    It may mean an electrical component is burning or that the unit overheated. Either one can be dangerous.
  • High-pitched noises:
    Is your A/C producing screeching or shrieking noises? May be your compressor has kicked up to a very high pressure level. And it can lead to safety problems.All these problems require you to call a technician right away. Our business never sleeps, and we’ll get the job done quickly.
  • Burning Smell from A/C Unit:
    It may mean an electrical component is burning or that the unit overheated. Either one can be dangerous.


  • 24-Hour Assistance Line:
    Courteous, knowledgeable staff can answer your questions, help you determine the nature of the problem, and help you decide on next steps. Sometimes a simple DIY step can get your A/C working or improve its performance so you can sleep through the night.
  • 24-Hour Emergency A/C Repair:
    If you need a repair call late at night, we’re on it. We will show up with all the parts and tools needed for most repairs.

What We Charge for a Late Night Repair

Our aim is to provide you quick and quality repair in emergency. However, we let you know up front what the service costs may look like. No hidden cost! Only reasonable charges!

We just ask you basic questions to assess problems in your cooling system. In some cases, you might not need a service repair at all. We send out our 24/7 on-call emergency team if the things are beyond your control. We can typically arrive the same night and identify the cause of your problem.

  • We will quote you a fixed, flat-rate estimate with NO hidden charges.
  • Our service trucks are fully stocked and in many cases we can complete the repair right away and get your home back to a comfortable temperature in no time.


What Sets Us Apart from Other A/C Repair Services in New Jersey

  • Experienced Company
  • Outstanding Customer Services
  • Experienced Company
  • NATE Certified Technicians
  • 24/7 Availability
  • 5 Star Service Guarantee
  • Positive Feedbacks

What to Expect When You Call Us

  • Best Technicians in the Business:
    All of your technicians are NATE certified and thoroughly trained.
  • Customer Friendly Approach:
    Our technicians are trained in quality customer service as well as repairs. They understand that for you, this is more than a repair job—it’s a giant disruption to your life. They’ll be friendly, respectful of your home or business, and work with you to make the repair as easy as possible.
  • Quick and Instant Service:
    We understand that it is no fun to live with a faulty air conditioning system in a blistering temperature. Our repair team will be at your place as soon as you call us.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
    All of this is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We want you to be happy with every part of your experience—from the initial phone call to your interaction with our repair team.

You don’t need to survive the scorching summer with your faulty A/C. Put our professionals on the job and get cool, refreshing air today—even if it’s midnight. Call us at (201)720-6000 to speak with one of our service experts today.

We also offer 24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Installation, Call AirServ Mechanical Group at (201)720-6000 to ask about our 24 hour Emergency service.

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