Beat the Heat with Air Conditioning

  1. Who hasn’t heard about air conditioners? There wouldn’t be anyone who doesn’t know what an air conditioner is. An air conditioner is such a blessing of science that has made our lives so comfortable. Whether there is a temperature of 40+ degrees outside or there are heat waves blowing outside, your solution to such climatic conditions is a good air conditioning system. These days the ultra modern air conditioning system will not only benefit in summers but through all weathers, be it the stickiness of autumn or the chilly weather of winters. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that air conditioners, conditions your room’s temperature irrespective of the weather outside. Also, today’s next-gen air conditioners help to trap air pollutants inside our home or office. They come with air-purifier technology, which helps in trapping any fungus in the air or smoke particles, mites that cause allergy and any odor too. Thereby, they are the key players in helping your environment be fresh and clean. Apart from the benefits that air conditioners provide, it is also very easy to install and maintain the ac under the guidance of an Air Conditioning Service. The outdoor unit can be placed on top of the roof (if available) or can even be hung outside.

Tips before Buying AC Parts:

Before buying a commodity we have to do well research about the pros and cons of it. Not only that when buying an electronic item, but the research also becomes more intense and important as we don’t buy such things every day. They are more like an investment for us. Especially when the cost of energy is skyrocketing high, it becomes more vital to choose the best and with the utmost care. Due to the high cost of energy, it does become expensive to maintain air conditioners. But there are some highly efficient options are available in the market, which take minimal electricity and give maximum cooling. So before you buy AC from the AC installation company, which does cost a lot of money, lets us see a few points that we need to keep in mind before buying it and its parts.

  • The first and foremost important point is the warranty. Make sure the parts and the servicing comes under warranty. There might not be a lifetime warranty but a considerate duration of warranty period also help for regular servicing and maintenance.
  • Easy availability of part: Also make sure before buying an AC that the parts will be easily available in the market if there is any replacement required.
  • Cost Effective: Not only the cost of AC matters but also the cost of its parts is what one must keep in mind. Because sometimes the parts are more expensive than buying a new AC altogether.
  • Easy servicing of Parts: Not just buying is important but also time to time servicing helps to reduce the cost of buying new parts altogether.
  • Best Buy: Make sure to do good research before buying any parts to get the best deal and price.

Always remember that the price you pay for the parts it should not only fit your pocket but should be as effective as impressive as the original Air conditioner was.

Regular servicing from the authorized person will benefit you in the long run. There are authorized dealers, who are specialized in cleaning and doing a proper servicing of air conditioning units. They are fully aware of the parts and the functioning of AC. Some of them also give insurance while servicing, i.e. if there is any damage due to them, the cost will be covered by them. This is a major benefit provided by some of the dealers. Sometimes there is also a provision of extended warranty at a minimal additional cost. Make sure to take advantage of this feature too. So make sure you get all the required details beforehand.

Air Conditioning Ducts Cleaning:

Ducts are a very crucial part of the air conditioning system. They are not just used in the air conditioning units but in air conditioning (HVAC), ventilation and heating systems to deliver and remove air. Ducts help in removing the exhaust air, return air and also supply air. Or can be commonly used to deliver air in the system. So we can say that ducts help in maintaining the indoor quality of air. Since these ducts are so important and help in maintaining the quality of indoor air, it becomes very important to get them cleaned from time to time. Due to the work, ducts perform, it is very common that they get contaminated and there might be specks of dust, cobwebs, debris, pet air, rodent air, clips and whatever might collect, has to be cleaned. A thorough duct cleaning by a trained professional will get all the dust and dirt removed.  After cleaning, ducts will be bright and shiny as new. As ducts are used every time an AC is on, it becomes necessary to get them cleaned at regular intervals. After all who would want to inhale a dust-filled air and who would want to have air circulated through such ducts that are not as clean as the rest of the house. In short, we can say that:

  1. It helps in clearing off any debris, cobwebs and any accumulated dust particles.
  2. Duct cleaning helps in better air circulation (sometimes even by 40%).
  3. It helps in the quality of indoor air.

So make sure you get your AC ducts cleaned regularly.

How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioning Units?

Any problems and repairs with any electronic items should be handled with the utmost care and in most cases should be done by an Air Conditioning Service professional. But there are few simple tricks and tips that one can do to fix minor issues. But again any major problem or if you are not confident enough, please leave it in professional hands. Before checking anything, make sure you test your remote control. One very common and easy tip and needs no professional help at all. If that’s not the problem and you will have to test the AC units, then make sure you put the power off before starting as these are high power units and take proper care before you put your hands in.

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