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Water Heater Sales / Repairs

Repairing or replacing your water heater should always be left to professionals!

There are few luxuries in life that are more important than having hot water immediately available. Whether it’s washing dishes, cleaning clothes, or taking a nice hot bath, we have come to count on having hot water instantly available whenever we want it. When the water fails to deliver, however, we soon realize the important role that hot water has in our lives. That is when AirServ Mechanical Group can help!

We offer the very best water heater repair and installation services, which can be used to restore this comfort to your home in no time!

What are Common Signs of a Damaged Water Heater?

The most important thing for any Residential and Commerical owners to remember is that more often than not, plumbing issues will give signs before they become emergencies. The same goes for the water heater in your home. Some of the most commonly identifiable signs to look for include:

  • Not Enough Hot Water – This is often the first thing people notice. They find that they start running out of hot water before finishing showers or baths.
  • Inconsistent Temperature – Temperature fluctuations are not normal. This makes it difficult to take showers or perform a variety of tasks because the water temperature must be constantly adjusted.
  • Slow Recovery of Hot Water – Many times this symptom is not noticed at first. Residents finish their tasks and don’t need hot water for a period of time. Slow recovery, however, is an indication that problems exist.
  • Poor Water Quality – Sometimes the water that exits a water heater can be discolored or have unusual odors. Any discoloration or odor is an indication that something is wrong.

Each of the above symptoms is an indication that problems likely exist in your hot water system. The onset is often unnoticed, but the conditions will worsen over time. Proper servicing of your water heater can help prevent these issues from ever occurring at all.

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Unit?

In some instances, repairs will no longer be enough to solve your water heater issues. Eventually, you will need to replace the unit in order to get any semblance of functionality. Some of the more serious reasons where you need to replace your unit include:

  • Serious Leaks– While a leaky joint or valve may sometimes be repaired, a leaky tank cannot be repaired. Leaks in a water heater generally mean that replacement is necessary.
  • Constant Repairs– If your water heater is constantly in need of repairs or service, it probably needs to be replaced. A new water heater can provide the trouble–free, and worry–free, service that you want.
  • Age– The typical water heater has a warranty range of five to ten years. If your water heater is twelve to fifteen years old, or older, and has started showing the above symptoms, it has probably reached the end of its useful life.

Regular professional inspection and maintenance can extend the trouble–free lifespan of your water heater. Spotting problems before they become serious will save money and avoid the inconvenience of losing hot water when you need it most. In the event that you do need services, our expert plumbers are here to help…

Sales, Service, and Installation; We Do It All!

AirServ will get the job done right the first time. We wear shoe covers, get the job done, and clean up behind ourselves.

We want to make it affordable and easy to have your HVAC equipment serviced or repaired. Should you need a new system installation, we’ll work with you to stay within your budget.

Our knowledgeable staff at AirServ Mechanical Group is ready with the latest information about programs that you can take advantage of to save you money on new heating, cooling and indoor air quality for your home.

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