Zone Control Systems


Technology has transformed how we live in recent years, and it is no different in heating and cooling equipment. Even just a few years ago, your HVAC system could only provide a constant temperature across the entire property, but today, we now have solutions that allow your HVAC system in New Jersey to have different temperatures in each room if you wish.

Zone control systems integrate with your entire HVAC system, so you can have different temperature settings in multiple zones around the property all year round. Behind the scenes they operate both heating and cooling to maintain the temperatures you want, where you want them.  For your air conditioning service in NJ, not only does this offer more flexibility, but can help save energy, and money, too. Whether heating or cooling, you can adjust zones to save energy by not cooling or heating areas that you don’t use as often, require less cooling or prefer at a different temperature. That alone can see significant savings on running costs.

AirServ Mechanical Group value our customers, offering only the finest HVAC zone control systems in NJ, including systems from Nest, Echo Bee and Honeywell. These are industry leading, proven systems that we know provide the reliable, effective operation our customers deserve.

The systems are very flexible, with some adding apps to provide complete cooling and heating control from your phone. Our highly experienced engineers are fully trained with all the latest systems, offering a friendly service and exceptional installation skill. We take care of your property, cleaning up when the work is completed, to leave everything as we found it.

Heating experts in NJ


Our friendly team are ready to help you find the right zone control system for your needs. We will guide you through the options available and help identify the system that gives you the features and value you are looking for. In addition to installing your HVAC zone control system in NJ, our experts will help you understand how to get the best from it and any associated app.

AirServ Mechanical Group are heating specialists in New Jersey. With years of effective support for customers, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our zone control installation in NJ brings your HVAC system right up to date. Providing ease of use and saving you money, zone control helps you keep your home or office exactly as you like it, every day, throughout the year. If want to take full control of your heating and cooling, try a New Jersey HVAC zone control system from AirServ Mechanical Group.

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